Hello there, fellow human being!

You googled around and found an interesting product or products available at our webshop and would perhaps like to buy it/them?

Are you a person living in Finland but not able to understand our strange language and you are therefore having some troubles making an online order at our webshop?

Or are you living outside Finland and therefore also technically not able to make an online order at our webshop (due to the fact that there is only one country (Finland) available when creating a new account) ?

You can email us in English. Please mention the product/products you are interested in and ask all the questions you would like to ask. Do not hesitate at all! You can ask product availabilities, product compatibilities etc. etc.

Whatever your location is you can mention it and we can then calculate the shipping costs for the product/products you are interested in. We can also give information about the payment options. There is going to be Paypal available for customers locating outside Finnish borders.

Ah. And the email address.. Please send the emails to: info@koodinvuoksi.net

Please email us. We are here for you! :)